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January 27, 2016


Sandy A in St. Louis

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and sharing all the wonderful ideas. Love the meditation path. Thanks for explaining why they are called that. I learn so much from reading your blog!

Arlinda Smith

Your pictures inspire me so much. I am such a fan of all shades of blue.

Paula Ramsey

Love seeing all your pictures!

Sue Reinhart

Gosh, makes me want to go to Morocco. I love your fabric line

Joan Eady

Love the photos and the fabrics.

Carol W

The tablecloths are great and layering is a wonderful idea.


i love that the steps are varied and make you think...


Thank you for sharing your pictures and inspiration for ideas/fabric! I love the meditation path!


Beautiful, I have always loved olive trees.


Thanks for sharing this magical place with us!


This is such a beautiful spot, I can see why you wanted to immortalize your visit in fabric.


Beautiful. Love the idea of layering tables. beds too!

Shaena green

Love seeing your inspiration process! Thanks for sharing!


The meditation path is amazing! Mystic really embodies the sights and experiences of your trip in such a tangible way that I love. Thank you for sharing your why behind the collection.


Love, love, this quilt but the directions from are not clear. Please help.

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