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September 22, 2012


Nancy Brodeur

Thank you for this tutorial. I was just trying to figure out how to do one yesterday. How cool.


Great tutorial Valori, I will be getting me some of that gorgeous fabric and sewing up a storm. Sorry to hear about the fires.

Anne Penfold

Great tutorial thanks Valori :)

Julie Moyer

I was just thinking that I needed some new pillows to brighten my living room!


Thank you! I've always liked flanged cushions but never been sure how to make them!!

Kellie Gregory

I am so excited about this fabric!! I just love that bird. :)Great seeing you today.

Siiri Haapasalo

It seem that fabric and the design of it really excellent.In Finland country many of shops are also considering design specially for their interior design.In part of Helsinki many of shop turn to an eye catching one because of the interior design and display from shop fitting to furniture and display rack which is made by some store interior design in that place.

Sharon Fazio

I would like to follow your blog. I hope this is the way to sign up


It is amazing what a change of pillows can do for a room. Great Idea!!!!!
Thanks for sharing

Mary Lou

EXCELLENT tutorial Valori! Thank you so much!


I could not resist commenting. Very well written!


Is there any way I can get a printed version of this tutorial? Would gladly pay for it if I could have this on paper instead of trying to follow it on the computer screen. Not sure what my disorder is called, but it's a form of dyslexia, I'm sure. I want to make this pillow with a ticking stripe fabric on one side and red paisley on the other, with contrasting welts on opposite sides. Just haven't figured out the logistics and I think I can do it with your tutorial. Thanks.


Oops, never mind, just discovered it will print from the web page, I was trying to avoid printing extraneous stuff by selecting only the instructions, but they weren't "selectable", so I assumed they weren't "printable" either . . . if that makes any sense. :-)


Great tutorial and video- do you have directions for varying size pillows? I want to make 24 x 24. Also do you have directions for a zipper closure verses a sham?


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