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August 19, 2012



I am right there with you. Spent 3 hours in my garage today rearranging and cleaning stuff out. I am a notorious stacker! The problem I have is when my stacks fall over. Not good! : ) Hope you get everything figured out. I took a lot of stuff out to rearrange and then felt like I was putting together a giant puzzle to get it all back.It will be great when it is done!


I call it pilots disease...pile it here, pile it there!! I am sooo guilty of that affliction!! I hate having great fabrics and I hate not being able to see it ALL at will...therefore, I pile it!!

Kim McEuen

Please send all extra bolts that are your way to ME!!! :)


I know I stack, too, and it's getting out of control. Maybe just eliminate one stack a week?


I think you have a dark room in your studio that doesn't get used, maybe move the fabric into it. But I know you love your dark room. But how much film do you really use now a days? Happy Cleaning:)

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