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May 08, 2012



Thanks for sharing this, they are beautiful! I love how the river flows thru-out the beautiful scenes...really creative, unique and wonderful!! Awesome!!!


It shows there is more than one way to save the environment! Fantastic Valori!


what an awe-inspiring collection of artistry! thanks!


Just awesome ..... hard to know which would be best for the quilts to sell together and be installed some place like the Seattle airport or if that is too big - the Bend airport -- for a couple of years or to have to opportunity to bid and win one of the quilts.... time will tell -- and now I know two more names of nature around Sisters. Thirty years ago this Texan drove my Midwest fisherman brother and my kids into Sisters for a family reunion - no fishing on the agenda - and I asked my brother about the streams we were driving near and he said wishfully... oh, I am sure there are wonderful fish in that water.... and I bet he did not know what wonderful fish there were... thank you for the sneak peak of this special special project.


Opps.... it was only 20 years ago when I drove to Sisters with family... bad math... not new math.

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