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March 03, 2012



I have been feeling exactly that way! It is suffocating to have so much stuff! And then once you have been married awhile and have kids, then their stuff piles up, their stuff is your sentimental stuff (trust me my daughters are 22 and 28 and I still have their darling wonderful drawings and school lessons and beanie babies and dollies and omg. Let it go. Have a big ol sale and save the money for a rainy day. Listen to me...I'd better get purging!


Yep, we're doing some purging at our house too. My husband and I are trading off getting completely sick of all the stuff we have. So far we've tackled 3 areas of the house with many more to go. Good luck!

Becky Greene

We just completed a move after living in the same place for fifteen years, so I know the joy of purging! It felt so great to only unpack (and have) those things that we really cared about!

Now if you need to purge some of that lovely fabric - I could certainly help ease your burden by giving some a new home - ha ha!! Good Luck!

Sew Create It - Jane

I think the hardest part of purging is actually getting the stuff physically out of the house. I have boxes of books I need to get to the charity shop and they've ready to go for a couple of months..shame on me :-)

good luck wwith the cleaning.

Carrie Mc W

Give yourself a goal: this drawer or this cabinet today-not too overwhelming. Then take that box or bag of purged stuff and put it in your car right away! Find it a good home: charity shop, goodwill, or guild. Lather, rinse and repeat :)


Hi there! How are you? I am about to embark on this adventure in my garage! Scary. I tend to make piles of things that I want to get rid of or things I don't know where to put out there and then just leave them. BAD habit! Out of sight out of mind. Now we can barely walk out there so it is time to purge! Our charity pick up is Thursday so I have to get moving!


Hi Val, sounds like you are in good company and I am doing the same thing! !0+ years of quilt magazines, 'what was I thinking' fabrics or just fabrics that no longer interest me. It's all going! My studio makeover is just about complete but I have made a goal to reduce my stash of fabrics and wool by at least 30%. My rule, once I decide it's going I am not allowed to change my mind :) It will be so great to know where everything is and be able to get my hands on it when I want it. Plus, then maybe I will only have 2 lifetimes worth of supplies instead of 3 or 4 :) Take care and good luck!
PS: Of course the first thing I wondered when I read your post was "is she going to sell her 'old' stuff at the shop? Must go see. Oh wait, I am supposed to be purging too!"


Valorie, I feel your pain. I had a professional organiser come in and help with my studio with a catch phrase of "I can't wait to see what is in this drawer" and "this is a no judgement zone"...we are now BFF's. It felt great and I have donated WIP's and what was I thinking fabrics to a retirement village and 6 enormous bags of fabric to my girls high school.
We are now decluttering and organising the home, starting with my bedroom.

It is a lot of work but feels so good. Keep going it is worth it.

Susie Walsh

I think i need to do some purging instead of hoarding. My room looks like a volcano erupted at the moment. Have to take some purging inspiration.


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