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December 27, 2010



Oooh, wondeful indeed! I'll be looking forward to this.

Jennifer Duncan

Oh my! I love those blue flowers! And those oranges. Can't wait to make something out of that.


I'm not usually a commenter, but I had to let you know how great the new line looks! I see some new favorites!

Mary Ann

Love this line! Its the, its the colors, no its...the design!


excited about the new line! So when do we get to have a class on the birds??? or is there one schedules???


You've been busy! I love your wish birds and your new fabric looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see the whole line!

Happy Holidays!


Right there with you on the cleaning fun! Katie came over yesterday and said "What the f*&* happened to your house?" Ha, it's called Christmas with kids, kinda looks like a hurricane went through! : ) LOVE the new fabric, those bright blue flowers are gorgeous! The birds are amazing too! Hope that you have a couple quiet days on your schedule this week! Talk to you soon!


"In the summer I am cautious of the rattlesnakes and cougars..." Haha, sounds like you live near me in AZ. When I lived in Alaska it was moose and bear! Alright though, I am/was a visitor in their home.

Your new line is beautiful. From the sneak peek it looks like it could be serene and spicy!

Sharon S

Love when you can share your family with is. You are so busy! Love the new fabrics! Hoping to make grandbaby #2 a quilt using bird fabrics!

Kaye Prince

Merry Christmas to YOU Val! I'm just loving the colours in the new line, and that green dandelion-type print looks just perfect!

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wondeful indeed!

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