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September 09, 2010


Kaye Prince

Ohhh, flannel! I would love to sew some of that wonderfulness! Glad to hear your computer is doing well and that you didn't lose any of your designs!

Kim M.

I love how stinkin' honest you are here. It's nice to hear that you "famous" people have the same crazy days as the rest of us. : ) I am REALLY lovin' those elephants too! So cute!


beautiful fabric (of course!)and keep smilin' :)


Oh dear, glad you had a good cry and got through it all. Fingers crossed for new daycare arrangements.

That flannel says 'wheat bag covers' and 'hot water bottle covers' to me. But I could be mishearing it!


twirl {amy}

Oooooh, those elephants. PJs for sure!

Have a great weekend!

Jan Myhre   Spokane, WA

So many blessings interspersed with all the challenges. Makes for an interesting life to be sure. I'm enjoying your blog and am wild about your designs. Now I have to come up with something to do with them, too. Thanks so much for sharing.


Hang in there!!!! It will all work out, things in life always do. And I love the animal flannels!

Mary Ann

Computers, daycare problems and hormones, a perfect storm. Only crying to Chicago is a big achievement. I have 3 or 4 little blessing arriving in my sphere this year, oh joy, luscious flannels! And of course elephants area sign of great favor too!


Oh, those luscious fabrics! Beautiful! I love your flannel the very most. One step at a time with all the crazy stuff--Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... haha! That's the movie line that get's quoted around here when things get crazy! :-)

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