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June 08, 2009


Allie in MI

Yikes - I've had my serger for three years and haven't touched it outside of class, lol! I hope you do better than me!
Olivia is ADORABLE. They both are! I don't think she's too young, as long as she enjoys it. That yellow dress is charming!

Jane Weston

Really sweet pictures of your girls..adorable!


Olivia is NOT to young for recitals, in fact she is the perfect age - is not self conscious and has FUN doing it. AND she now has a red costume to play in anytime she wants to be "something". Thanks for sharing your "girls" moments - they are very sweet. It brought back a lot of my girls memories. Some day I will tell you about the three matching beautiful purple Easter dresses.


Congratulations on your new serger! I recently bought my first one (although a used serger, I love it to bits!) and just ordered a lovely book called Ready, Set, Serge by Georgie Melot. I love the book! It shows you all the basics of serging, settings, stitches, etc. and it has quite a few small projects to practise your new skills.

Love the stories of "nesting". I had it at the end of both pregnancies and soon after went into labour! You would think the second time I would recognize the signs?!

I have two boys so I love to read about your adorable little girls. Not that I would change my boys for anything on earth, girls are just so different.

Can't wait to hear about the baby! And to see your serger projects. I am still a bit scared of mine despite lessons AND taking it back to the Singer shop twice now because I did the threading wrong! Would love to learn from your projects.

Belinda Ellis

WooHoo for the new serger - I have a love hate relationship with mine. When I am happy, I am really happy and think it is an amazing tool. Have fun with your new tool - I can't wait to see the things you create with it - Please make sure to share with the rest of us!


Adorable pictures! Olivia looks so happy in her dance outfit! Emma SOOO wants to do damce but we are doing gymnastics for now. Can't wait to hear what the news was today! Boy or girl????

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