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April 23, 2009


Kelley G.

I always hated the headaches. Hope they go away soon. I love the little wallet! I'll have to get the pattern. I was at the Stitchin Post for the customer appreciation days last weekend, what fun!


I feel for you with the early morning wakeups! We had the same problem, and solved it with a lamp on a timer. Our daughter knows she can't get up until the lamp comes on. Sometimes we can hear her in there talking to herself for 30 minutes or more, but she (almost) always waits patiently. She loves to yell "the lamp came on! it's time for get up!". So cute. :-)


Good luck with the clock! Make sure to write out 6:00 on a piece of paper next to the clock. Then you can avoid the 5:16 wake-ups, "Mommy there's a six on my clock!" Heard that one many times! : ) Our rule is that they can get up and read books or play quietly but no waking up mommy until 6:00. I am actually hoping to move that to 7 over the summer! Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Emmy Mozdzen

Oh my gosh, that little wallet is pefect!!!! I've been looking for a small one, and now I think I might have to make it :)

Brenda Mills

Reading your blog on little purses to take out rather than a diaper bag reminds me of the time I caught the bus into central London with the diaper bag instead of my handbag (I was 7 mths pregnant with daughter no 2 )I love your projects - keep them coming !


My birthday is june 19...hehehe.


The digital clock and 6:00 a.m. WILL work, just make sure that from day one there is no response from you if it is not yet 6:00 - play asleep. Kids are cute and I had forgotten so many of the "little" things that make life sweet. These days I enjoy playing with fabric and making sweet projects - thanks for the designs.


That little wallet is precious. Love it all.


we bought a night light on a is a moon during the night...turns to a sun when he is allowed to come out of his room...and shuts off an hour after wake up has been fabulous! (before we found this fabulous night light, we used a string of christmas lights on a timer)


Cute wallet! Where do I get the pattern?

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