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October 11, 2008



these are divine. Can't wait to get my hands on some.
Andi :-)


Valorie, these are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos of them.

Sharon Szekely

Oooo-la-la! They are beautiful! I had projects spinning in my head before I got to to the last picture!


These are just gorgeous. I, too, can't wait to get some of this and make something to cuddle under. How fun they'll be in flannel! Thanks for the sneak peak.

Julie moyer-gates

They look so cozy. I especially like the multi animal print.

amy (sew~amy)

they are beautiful.


LUV 'EM!!! The possiblities are endless. Great colors and prints for boys and girls! I am seeing lots of cozy pj pants and maybe another quilt for Emma's bed, a girl can't have too many quilts made out of Valori Wells' flannel! : )


I cannot wait for these to come out! They are beautiful!


AHHH! I am SO excited! I have been dying to see these since you announced a flannel line. I just found out we're pregnant with our second baby, and I can't wait to get going on his/her crib set with these fantastic prints! I have been looking for flannel forever. I feel like you read my mind. Thank you SO much!


The fabrics are gorgeous!!!



I have a bit of a favor, would you please pop me an email???? Thanks!!


Hi Valori! I was at Pacific International on Wed and Thursday, and Wed night I was racing around trying to see everything in 90 minutes when I looked up and there was "The Stitchin Post" right in front of me! That was just awesome in itself but then I looked closer and I saw Lawry who I had met at the shop in the summer when I took classes at a Quilter's Affair. I was sure feeling happy! Then we talked a bit and I was hearing the guy on the loudspeaker tell us to get on out of there when I saw THE FLANNELS (in a long panel all together like a fun little flannel flag. Oh geez, I want them all...and I was delighted to see the nice little stripes and the diamond shaped flowers too. The elephants are darling, the birds, the giraffe...honestly, aren't you glad you had your two little ones to inspire you! The roses are cool too and would be an awesome back or whole cloth baby quilt for someone who doesn't sew much yet, or is practicing machine quilting...around and around ya go! Way to go Valori, these are very special fabrics! Pam in Chico


Can't wait to get my hands on some of this! Your flannel is so thick and soft, just wonderful.
The last post on my blog has a pic of my granddaughter wearing your dahlia flannel - check it out!


Oh Val these are gorgeous! You've done it again:) I am really feeling those birds!! Can't wait to get my hands on some. I have used your Olive Rose in almost every project I've done in the last six months lol!!


Wow! These are amazing. LOVE the birds and diamonds.

Melissa in UT

Beautiful!!!! I'm so glad that fun, funky fabric is going flannel!!!! I love flannel quilts for the winter months, but am tired of the muted same ole flannel colors!
Thank you!!


I just came over from Sew Mama Sew. I love these flannels!! Where can I buy them? We're expecting a new little one in 7 weeks or so and now that I saw them I need to have some :)


Sew pretty! I want some!


Sew pretty! I want some!

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