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September 15, 2008



Gorgeous photos of your trip. And your girls are so cute and growing fast. Love the Amy dress!


Oh and I forgot to say how much I liked your paintings!!!!


I love hearing about your trips, and learning about how you get your inspiration. Since I am soon going to be planning a wedding, I couldn't help but notice the last picture - is that flower submerged in water? It is truly beautiful, and something I might like to try for one of my daughters.
P.S. The girls are darling!


GREAT photos, as usual, and I'm glad you had such a nice experience with your plein air painting. Your girls are'll be beating the guys off when they are teens!!! LOL


Your painting day looked like so much fun! I wish that I could paint like that! Sounds like it was even better than you had expected.

The girls are adorable, love that dress on Vi, she looks so cute. Great pics of the first steps too, priceless!

You have been so busy, sounds like you need a day off! : )


Valori!!! I love the plein air paintings! VERY BREATHTAKING! I'm a fan of yours, and a friend of Jamie Gontz. (She helped you at quilt market) :) Small world! I just make a yummy scrummy quilt for my brother and his bride....see my blog~

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