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June 17, 2013


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I'd love to see the older collections! I've been sewing only about 5 years, so I think Del Hi is about as old I go with you.


oooh, id love a chance at some of the oldie but goodies!! too bad there are 1000's of miles between me and the Stitchin' Post!!

Four dogs and one quilter

Another reason to get to the shop early on show day. Counting the days ....

Tammy L

Oh my gosh look at all that fabric...it is amazeing that you have collected allfo that.

Diane L

I will have to come and shop. Thanks for the giveaway.


Oh, I love the Gerber Daisies from Fleurish. These need to be reprinted as basics! Love the greens and blues!


Congrats on yet another wonderful fabric collection.


I love your designs! Someday I will make my way to Oregon and see the quilt show and The Stitching Post!

Karen Flamme

Can't make it to Quilt Show this year to buy these treasures. "Wish" I could win some. Love your fabrics.

Megan Thompson

15 years of 1 yard cuts...!Wow that is a ton of fabric. Good luck

suzanne nelson

Wow great problem to have. How incredible to look at all of your talent in art textile. Suzanne Nelson


I see some oldies but goodies . I agree with some of the other post of creating some basics. One of my favs is Isabella . The blending fabrics are awesome and still one of my favs

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