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June 19, 2010



Boy, the girls'hair is getting long.... rock drawing, can't keep an artist from her thing..... you putting them on etsy? ha ha


I'm a fan of your designs, and I find myself in your lovely town tonight and yea, hurrah the quilt shop opens at 10 on sundays. Can't wait.

Sandy K

How cute are those rocks!!! Also, how cute are those girlies.....have fun.


love the quilt photos in previous post as well
have a great week,


Beautiful photos and beautiful beach!

Darius Cartmell skies! It feels relaxing and refreshing to experience both the sunrise and sunset at the beach. I also enjoy seeing kids have fun, running, swimming, and playing around. It awakens my inner child too! By the way, who did those stone arts?

Donna Parsley

@Darius: It’s really awesome to see kids playing around and enjoying on the seashore. I mean, that’s just the best part of the trip, right? This is why my kids always ask their dad to go to the beach with them. We really enjoy the beach to-the-max when together with the whole family! :D

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