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July 01, 2009



You talent amazes me Valori.


The paintings are wonder your Mom bought the one with the five's perfect!

Emmy Mozdzen

oh, Val!! I love them!! My mom has a thing for birds, too- has for years, makes me think of her and her quilts :) I know she would love these!! They are so beautiful! So excited to see how the new fabric looks :)


The three little birds would make such a lovely fabric! I love those starry eyes.


Valori, these are amazing! SOOOO beautiful! Are you selling them or doing prints? They are fabulous!


Very beautiful work!!!


those are so cute! i like the one with the 3 little birds.
very nice!


I can't wait to see how you interput these into your next fabric collection! Enjoy the upcoming week!

Design Healing

I love seeing your paintings! I have a bird obsession as well.

kathi everett

So funny you mention birds and being drawn to them recently...I also have been looking at birds the same way for months now. I just love their diminuitive stature. I have been buying fabrics, stamps and saving images....I look forward to seeing more from you.


I just love those Three Little Birds - I agree with previous comments: it would be a lovely motif for a fabric. Otherwise I might just have to stalk your website waiting for it to become available - if you don't sell that one too before you get to post it :-)


Wow!! I love your paintings. They are amazing.

Lindy Gruger Hanson

I love birds too. Yours are sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Sara Torbett

I have an obsession with birds as well! I even have china with birds on it :). Are you selling your paintings?


wow, valori, these are so lovely! I didn't know you painted! I've been painting up a storm, myself, lately. I am sorry I have been so out of touch- will email in a bit!

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

I am REALLY Lovin' these Valori...makes me excited for the next line, and I have just started using some of Del Hi...oh, my stash just keeps growing and growing!!

Thanks for sharing these...makes me want to get out there painting. I love how you are pretty much self-taught in everything..That is how I am too.

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I am back to work.....we are almost set up for quilt show and I need to get a posting on our Stitchin' Post blog.....I have been TOTALLY slacking on that one.
Have a great day!!!

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Don't you envy the freedom of birds, that they can fly without mechanical assistance? And no ticket needed!

Volker  from Germany

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You are an idol for creating such work.

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When we see it ,we will know how to do it!

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Thanks for sharing these...makes me want to get out there painting. I love how you are pretty much self-taught in everything..That is how I am too.


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