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April 15, 2009


Emmy Mozdzen

Congrats, Val!!!! Such wonderful news! :) And your patterns are so great, I need to get a sewing machine in my tiny apartment soon :) Lots of love and hugs to you!!

Barbara Broussard

Congratulations! Good timing too - you won't be huge during the heat of the summer :-) I love your pillow idea. I think I'll have to add those to my list. Long list just got longer!



Congratulations to you and your husband on your exciting news, love all the new patterns, just terrific.


Such exciting news. Congratulations ... or (as my people say) Mazal Tov!!
The new patterns look great.
Take care.
Andi :-)


Happy, happy, joy, joy! Congrats to you and yours. Here's to a comfortable, healthy, exciting, patient and joy-filled pregnancy and adventure!

My favorite quote about having children:

Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
-- Elizabeth Stone

Great patterns too! :)



Pat Bravo

Hey Val,
Congratulations on your new baby!!
I wish you and your family the best. Send a kiss to your mom from Walter and me.

Love, Patricia


That's amazing news Valorie! I hope that you have a perfect and stress free pregnancy, but that you also keep turning out amazing things as well!



Congrats! My husband really want to stop at one and I'm just not sure...

And Carmen looks great -- I've been trying to decide on a pattern for a picnic/beach blanket and this might be it!


Congratulations! October is a perfect time for a baby.

How did you attach Delila to the wall? I've been using double-sided tape to photograph my quilts, but wonder if there's a better way?

Mary Ann/Ca

What a joyful surprise. Babies are just the best thing. And the new pattens are wonderful, lots of Spring inspiration.


Congratulations! That is so exciting! So cute that Olivia is so excited. Emma asks for a new baby constantly, I don't think so but we'll see! Everyone keeps saying that three is the new two, I guess they are right! : ) Love the new patterns too, I have been wanting to do pillows FOREVER, love the dahlia ones! Take care and rest up!


Well how fun is that??!! This will be a great year for you, in so many ways! Our third was a pleasant surprise too. Hubby swears he can't remember it happening and he had nothing to do with it and that it was all my fault lol!! I told him, oh you had something to do with it all right!!

Enjoy the pregnancy, and congrats!!!


Congratulations Val!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you and your sweet family!


Congratulations again on #3. You and Ross will have to change your parenting style from 'man on man' to 'zone'.

So I especially love your 'Carmen' pattern. Should I be flattered or did you get the inspiration for the name elsewhere?





Congratulations to you and your family on the new baby, and your new patterns are great.



Your fabric and patterns (and your photography) are just lovely. I enjoy seeing snippets of your work.

Take care,

Belinda Ellis


What great news for you and your family.


Valori -

Good evening. Congratulations on the upcoming stork delivery.

Jennifer Ruvalcaba

Yay for you and the pregnancy! You two make such beautiful babies, so way to beautify the world with your "work"!



Amy @ parkcitygirl

Congratulations! Love the quilts and pillows! I've been thinking I need to do the same thing in our living room :)


That is so exciting! Congratulations! Nothing better than snuggling a new baby.


...Congrats from Germany! I`m a silent reader, but now I must write. Our third Baby (we have three wonderful Boys) was also a Surprise. First we were shocked, but then :-)))))))))))))) And the smell of a new born Baby.....I envy you :-)
I wish you all the Best!

Take care of you and your Family!

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