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April 29, 2008


Mary Ann Moore

Hi, I amjust new at quilting and don't have a stache of material built up yet.
Mary Ann Moore
3407 Rushing Road
Auguata georgia 30906

I enjoy reading your blog


Sending my address through your personal email.

Love your blog....

anne dawson

love the fabric. will send address via email

Nancy Page

Would love free fabric. Great Blog. Love all your fabric.
Will send address in private email.


Oh yumm, will send an email with my address. Thanks heaps.


Wahoo. I would love some. So send email huh? Will do.


I would love to give them a home!!! I'll email my address.

Julia Graber

Hi Valori,
Such wonderful fabric. ... I am a sister to "Polly." She told me about you and I love to quilt too. ... Did I make it into the first 18?
Julia Graber
1391 Davis Rd.
Brooksville, MS 39739

Paula in NH

Hooray! I could some new inspiration. I sent you my email address in a private email.


I don't like my chances so late in the day but still I am sitting here with my fingers crossed! And so my email has been sent :) The new fabric line is gorgeous!

Vicki Papin

Love your website and fabrics, I sent a email for my address. Thank you soooo much, Vicki Papin


what a great offer, thank you!


this is so exciting
I love this fabric line! Oh I hope I made it before 18...I have loved all the pictures with this line so far...
sent my address to your email address !
Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!


I love your blog and fabric! This is great, thank you!!! I'll send my address by e-mail.


gimme gimme gimme

thank you thank you thank you!!

Jen Schmitt

Hope I'm not too late! I love your fabirc and your blog, of course. I will send you my address in a private e-mail.

michelle klassen

am i to late i LOVE your fabrics!


Am I in time for the fabric?


Is there fabric left! this is awesome, I really love your designs!


I,ve been quilting for this past year. Love, Love, Love it, I am having a problem creating a stash of fabric. I would very much appreciate some of your beautiful fabric.


I'm probably too late, but just wanted to let you know I love your work - fabric and quilts and other goodies! Keep up the great work!


I know that I am very late, but I wanted to tell you what a generous offier you made.

Liz Swinney

Good morning, I love your new rose fabric. Can't wait to buy the brown color way. Love free fabric!

Liz Swinney
1945 Webb Ave.
Chico CA 95928

Renee Fober

I'm sure I'm too late for the free fabric! I'm looking for some fabric that was on the back of your Maddox quilt. It's the blues/browns/orange colored fabric. Is this possible to still get?


snif snif, too late for that one and I do check your blog almost everyday, what a pity that I've been too busy the last 2 days

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